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We .are two farms raising Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats in St Clair County.  We are located within 5 miles of each other in Pell City/Riverside which is 30 miles east of Birmingham, Alabama just off I-20.

      Judy Smith of Little Star Goat Ranch has more than 30 years experience raising goats and has been a great help to me getting started. I am Susan House. Myself and my husband, Bill Cantley, operate Dogwood Wind Farm. Although we don’t competitively show our goats, we are dedicated breeders and enthusiasts. We breed show quality, registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Our goats will be disbudded or polled as is the breed standard for ADGA.  All of our goats are registered as are our herds.  All offspring come with papers to register except “pet” wethers.  Wethers are male goats who make great pets as they are neutered and do not exhibit behavior or smell that accompanies a breeding male.  Wethers can be shown in goat shows.  They are very manageable even for preschool age children.


Nigerian Dwarfs are great fun as pets requiring less room and feed than a standard size goat.  They are very manageable with children and us “older” ladies who don’t want to be knocked down or drug across the yard by a larger breed.  Their personality is similar to dogs in that they form quite an attachment to their caretakers and will gladly follow you around seeking attention and treats.


Judy and I are dedicated to producing milk with our goats.  This breed has some of the best tasting, most highly digestible milk available.  We believe that this breed is the best option for producing raw milk for personal consumption.  We are not licensed to sell our milk but will gladly sell you a package to produce your own.  The uses for goat’s milk are many including soaps, lotions and cheeses.  If you have tried goat cheese and found it too strong, remain open minded.  I make it with my raw milk from our girls and it is delicate and creamy without the harshness.  Commercial production requires pasteurization (heating) which changes the flavor and robs the milk of many natural benefits.  You can produce your own at home too and enjoy all the benefits of raw milk and cheese.

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